Lagos GIT Song Lyrics – 2nd Place




Nwane obunimaro bico maru is ur boy Mr.C eeh.



Verse 1

Nwane kedu ife  anakonunu….

proper planning kamu na egwununu..

I wanna tell u something nunu..

ife  mu nako bugwa family plan eeeh..

family plan eweruego Nwane kpata ego.oooh.

Emana emanife nwoke na fu Nwane.oooh…





Verse 2

eeeh. Man naagbambo.Man na agbambo gwa day and night.

Eeeh.Man na agbambo as he the born he the space him child.
Eeeh.nwuye…na agbambo. Oooh..
“TUBAL LIGATION” No de fail eeh.
Nwuye  na agbambo..oooh…make more time for de each of child.
Emana chukwu gozie nwoke nunu..nwoke ke lota  gwa nwuyeya nunu….”contraception”… If u want to stop….make u advice ur husband make he take him “pills”eeeh..make him take his ” pills” oooh..ooh.for a good plan.



Emana family plan Orikagwa..

Onerikagwa..onerikagwa (2*)….

KNOW IT….TALK IT…MAKE WE GO….eee..oooh.ya eeh.

family plan…


(Repeat chorus)


Verse 3

I wanna tell u a something. Emana family plan bugwa best thin..eeh.
As u are willing to born more.drawn your partner go for a counsel…as u are willing to plan well..make u make sure say spacing go dey well
Nwoke juu gwa nwuyeya ooooh..o o ochoru..”condom”..Ku bu  “Implant ”
Eeh..nwoke juu gwa nwuyeya ooo..ochoru “female

condom” ko bu  “male one”…eeeh…people wey  sabi get am for plan chart ooooh ..eeey .yaa.Orikagwa..ooooh.

Repeat Chorus


Short Rap
Lastly: (short rap).
I av a good wife.with a cute kids so we decided to space dem for a good train…(haaa).

And when I born child I go space nice cos I wanna reap de devident of a good dad.

coz those weh  plan dem de chop well…if u no plan well u are planning to fail well…

My Wazobia people make una learn lesson.

Make u yarn ur partner make una go for more as dey wife u be…

know ur contraceptive circle… For good control…..

Coz no regret. For people wey  sabi de best……


Repeat chorus till fade out.



Don’t you know? please note, it’s your boy Mr. C



Verse 1

My people what are they saying

Proper planning is my emphasis

I ask, what is on board, I want to tell you something


All I say, is family plan

Yes family plan,

Don’t do what men see

My brother

“Its much oh”



Verse 2

Eeeh. Man is working.. man works day and night

Man works  man prays.. to have a blessed day

Everyday by day he prays for a blessed day

When God bless a man he takes care of  his wife God bless the man

The wife in return takes care of her family



Family planning is too much

(Repeat chorus)



Verse 3

God bless me to make money

When I make money I will buy Range Rover for my wife,

provide for my family

When I make money I will space all my kids, my kids will school abroad

When I make money, we will get together and will do party.


Repeat Chorus



Short Rap
Yeah! I have a good wife with a five kids,so we decided to space them for good training….haaa.and when I give birth twice I think twice cos I wanna reap de dividend of a good dad..

haaa.cos those that plan well are the ones who reap good dividends.

Failing to plan well you are planning to fail well… My Wazobia people please learn this lesson…

You can give birth to 4 to 6 but please space..

You can check our website for information ….

Good information that will surely help…eeh.


Repeat chorus till fade out.