Lagos GIT Song Lyrics – 3rd Place

BY Adinlewa Olusegun



Yeah! Yeah!

Na wonder wonder we dey see, we dey see


Verse 1

Ifeto si omo bi se koko o

Ose ko

Oro ayeyi okan bobo o

Okan bobo

Emaje kafi iya to omo o

Kafi Iya to omo

Omo ti à o to lagbe ile ti a kò ta.

Lagbe ile ti a ko ta .

Iyawo mi oOh

Kato sere é é é

Jeka soro isititi funrawa

Shoma gbo

Omo tafe bi

Kamo iye omo tafe bi

Kamo Owo tafeni

Kamo iru ile tafe ko.




Iyawo mi oni temíí…

Shoma gbo temi

Ma se banu je o

Koya gbo temi

Irin ajo laye je o

Oda kafi eto si (2x)




Oda kafi eto sí …

Kole dara….. ah


Eni to ba fe rin Irin ajo

Sebi oni Lati mo iye toni Lati mudani

Oni Lati se eto Irin ajo na

Irin ajo ni igbeyewo ati loko laya je laye

Eje Kamo ohun tense o

Kade mo omo eni tanse .



Yeah! Yeah!

Its wonders we see, we see


Verse 1

Family Planning is important

It’s important

The matters of this life are so important

So important

Don’t raise your children in poverty

Raise children in poverty

If you don’t train your children well, they will not end up well in future.

My wife oooo

Before we play (make love) eeee

Let’s talk to ourselves

Will you listen

The children we want to have

Let’s plan the number of children we want to have

Let’s plan about the money we want to have

Let’s plan the type of house that we want to build.





My wife, my love

Will you listen to me?

Don’t be sad

Just listen to me

Life is a journey

It is good to plan well (2X)




It is good to plan well

So that everything will work out well

For us

Anyone that is going on a journey

Should know how much he needs to take along

Should plan for the journey

Marriage is a journey

Let’s know what we are doing

And know the children of whom we are